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The untold story of an untold epic adventure.  This is a no holds barred take on an RPG game I'm developing.  Satire, and tragedy await.

The country of Shadowlea (your country) and Gothamson (enemy) are at war with one another over the continent of Saimus.  The Gothamson Empire have gained a lot of ground due to collaborating with a mysterious organization with roots deeper than you realize.  It's up to you how this story begins, and ends.  

P.S.  This game requires you to have a sense of humor.

Credits to Yanfly and 姫HimeWorks for the plugins.  

Install instructions

Step 1: Download Game.  (Click link above donation if you want to go straight to the game link).
Step 2: Extract files from the .zip folder.
Step 3: Double click the file "Secrets of Astral (Demo).exe

Step 4: Go on a journey.


Secrets of Astral (Demo) 2.rar 737 MB

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